Sunday, June 12, 2011

WAY Behind: Check, Check, and Check

Hello web world! Time to catch up a bit, lots of things knocked off the bucket list in the last year:

I finish Ironman Wisconsin last fall. It was a great day. In the process of training for it, I made a bunch of really great friends through my WellFit Chicago Ironman training group coached by the awesome Elizabeth Waterstraat. If you ever plan on doing an Ironman, look up Liz or WellFit. They will get you there!

BTW- Liz won her age group and qualified for Kona today at Eagleman. That is some 10 months post having a baby. She is a really incredible.

Also, the Mrs. Whatsnextdave and I have been busy. In December we purchased a little home in Roscoe Village in Chicago. It has been a great neighborhood and we love our new place. I have actually started a blog documenting the countdown to baby: 146 Days.

AND it was just in time to get some new space, because it wasn't too much longer when we learned we were going to have another roommate. We are expecting a baby, due November 1, 2011 (also my birthday).

Lastly, and least important... I went to Vermont a few months ago, . If you are keeping track at home, that only leaves 5 more states.

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